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  Gwen - Giant Schnauzer

Our prices reflect a very stringent grading process.  Many of our pet quality puppies could be shown very successfully, but we feel only top quality dogs should be bred.  Pet quality puppies come with a limited registration.  Any puppy we sell as show quality is guaranteed in writing to finish its championship.


Discounted Puppy

Anyone purchasing a puppy from Hatten's Giant Schnauzers, and puts any of the following titles on their puppy (Championship, TDX, CDX, Agility, or SCHI) will receive a 50% discount on their next purchase of a Hatten's Giant Schnauzer, or if you receive any two of the above titles on the same dog, you will receive a free puppy. After we receive proof of such a title, and a picture of the dog, also proof that the dog is registered with Hatten in the registered name.



Pet Quality Puppies

These pups will make fantastic members of your family, but lack in some of the qualities you would want for showing or breeding.  As only the best should be shown and bred.  


Show Quality Puppies

These pups in our opinion are nice enough to show or breed and we guarantee them in writing to finish. 


Exceptional Quality

These pups we feel are of exceptional quality.  They are above just championship quality; these pups don't come along everyday.  .


Please call for current pricing


We are out to EARN a good reputation


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