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The Carlsons

Taylor & Bridgette Bibula

Ludo - from the Eck family.

The Carlsons

Taylor (in orange), and Bridgette Bibula The new baby boy in the Eck family, Ludo

Kobe Diblee

Belly rub Josie relaxing at the show

Kobe Diblee

Katie, and Bella Castore relaxing

Josie relaxing at the show

Bedtime for Duke Rybchinsky

Alyssa and Max relaxing

jax.jpg (49649 bytes)

Bedtime for Duke Rybchinsky Alyssa and Max relaxing
in the yard
Jax long first day in his new home

guen_jumping.jpg (14917 bytes)

guen_the_mountain_goat.jpg (126707 bytes)

guen-neil_close_up.jpg (14810 bytes)

Guen and Lauri playing Guen the Mountain Goat Guen & Neil
dayattheshow.jpg (190585 bytes) dog_show_77.jpg (156031 bytes)  dog_show_2.jpg (68009 bytes)

A fruitful day at the show

Is it our turn yet?

jim-jag.jpg (51940 bytes)

in_dubuque.jpg (55053 bytes)

doug-westley.jpg (65976 bytes)

Jim and Jag - a little quiet time Kim Cole all ready to go Doug and Westley practicing their game face

nap_time.jpg (26025 bytes)

ADayWithTheJuniors.jpg (63774 bytes) ADayWithTheJuniors2.jpg (64107 bytes)
Nap time

A day with the junior handlers of the Cook family

kim-jag.jpg (71069 bytes)

hunterpups1.jpg (44671 bytes) hunterpups2.jpg (48746 bytes)

"Is it our turn yet???"

Fun and games in the yard

tlc1.jpg (129624 bytes) tlc2.jpg (90074 bytes)

becca_gracie.jpg (74967 bytes)

A little TLC goes a long way

Becca and Gracie
bedtime_for_woodrow.jpg (84196 bytes)

tango_enjoying_life1.jpg (45621 bytes) tango_enjoying_life2.jpg (59066 bytes)

Bedtime for Woodrow

Tango enjoying life

woodrow_ready_fora_workout.jpg (72036 bytes)

nixa_enjoying_retirement.jpg (63125 bytes)

katy_and_zed.jpg (71414 bytes)
Woodrow ready for a workout

Nixa enjoying retirement

Kathy and Zed
rachel_andthe_kids.jpg (74441 bytes) the_giant_lindquist_family.jpg (71883 bytes) nietzsche.jpg (123752 bytes)
Rachel and the kids The Giant Lindquist family Nietchez Highland
abbeyreadyforaride.jpg (60345 bytes) penneyandfamily.jpg (48593 bytes) 100_0634.jpg (74133 bytes) 100_0643.jpg (84836 bytes)
Abby ready for a ride Penny and the family
zed.jpg (42263 bytes) chavez_diego.jpg (57075 bytes) piper1.jpg (58182 bytes)piper3.jpg (54509 bytes)
Zed Diego Chavez Piper
kazi_ingoldsby_andrews_2.jpg (89284 bytes) kazi_ingoldsby_andrews_3.jpg (74753 bytes) 20050723-piper.jpg (85263 bytes)
Kazi Kazi Piper lounging in the pool
bree_victor.jpg (73048 bytes) zeke_2.jpg (75443 bytes) watson.jpg (75066 bytes)
Bree and Victor Zeke Watson
hunter-henley.jpg (103312 bytes) Brooke Woodard and Henley1.jpg (56411 bytes) Brooke Woodard and Henley2.jpg (47460 bytes)
Hunter & Henley Brooke Woodard and Henley Brooke Woodard and Henley
Brooke Woodard and Henley3.jpg (47460 bytes) Brooke Woodard and Henley4.jpg (196411 bytes) Brooke Woodard and Henley5.jpg (69862 bytes)
Brooke Woodard and Henley Brooke Woodard and Henley Brooke Woodard and Henley
intense.jpg (93219 bytes) headwind.jpg (78753 bytes) shipshape.jpg (107870 bytes)
Intense Head wind Ship shape
Dan and Jett.jpg (4769670 bytes)
The Britt kids The Britt kids Dan and Jett
The Britt kids 1.jpg (112433 bytes) Jett.jpg (968704 bytes)
The Britt kids The Britt kids Jett
Mattie Woodward 1.jpg (121980 bytes) Mattie Woodward 3.jpg (62691 bytes)
Mattie Woodward 4.jpg (62403 bytes) Mattie Woodward 5.jpg (477521 bytes)
Mattie Woodward Mattie Woodward award Mattie Woodward
Zues2.jpg (298129 bytes) Zues1.jpg (883794 bytes) woodardGirls.jpg (239326 bytes)
Zues Zues The Woodard Girls
maggie1.jpg (190656 bytes) immie2.jpg (23950 bytes) queen.jpg (24222 bytes)
Maggie Immie Queen
zeke.jpg (44801 bytes) zeke1.jpg (43997 bytes) giant2011-1.jpg (1423106 bytes)
Zeke Zeke Zeke
giant2011-2.jpg (298129 bytes) giant2011-3.jpg (883794 bytes) giant2011-4.jpg (73845 bytes)
Zeke Sinbad and friend
giant2011-5.jpg (815651 bytes) BabeChillin.jpg (793604 bytes)

We are out to EARN a good reputation


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