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Giant Schnauzer Gwen at 19 weeks


Once you have decided a Hatten's Giant Schnauzer is for you, please complete the questionnaire below, and mail it along with your $500 non-refundable deposit.  Please make checks payable to Jim Hatten. The deposit is refunded only if we don't have an appropriate puppy for you, based on the answers to this questionnaire.  Please don't hesitate in any of the steps, it could mean the difference of a puppy being available. 


Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. It will be used by us as an aid in placing the right puppy with you, this will ensure a long happy relationship for all of us, but especially the puppy. 


Please call us at (815) 626-8673 with any questions you may have, prior to submitting this questionnaire. Or take advantage our website, (www.hattensgiantschnauzers.com ) and all of it's pages, that are filled with valuable information about us and our dogs.


Please print and complete the following questionnaire.




Please check the items that apply to indicate a "Yes" answer:


 Have you given any thought to a vet ?


 Have you located a good groomer ?


  Are you familiar with giants ?


  Have you owned a giant ?


       If so, where did you get it ?__________________________________________




 Have you found a vet familiar with the aftercare of cropped ears ?


  Do you have any pets now ?   How many ? ______


  Kids? If so, ages ? ______________


How much time will you have for the puppy on a daily basis? _______________




What type of training experience do you have?____________________________




  Have you found a good training class ?


  Do you have a fenced yard ?

      If not, what precautions are you looking to take to keep the  puppy safe:





  Do you plan on having the puppy in the house?  

      If not, where:_____________________________________________________




What food have you fed in the past ?____________________________________


  Are you willing to feed our recommended diet ?


What type of support would you expect/want from us?

Such as:





  Show prep



  Would you be willing to spay/neuter a pet puppy ?


  Have you thoroughly reviewed the information in this web site?



Male      Female  

Puppy    Adult  

Show     Breeding   Working   Obedience  Companion

Transport by Air.   Airport ____________________________________


Alternative Transport: _________________________________________













Phone number: __________________________________


EMail Address:___________________________________

How did you find us?

Image search    Which:_______________  Keywords:_____________

Search engine  Which: ______________   Keywords:______________

Other ____________________________


Please mail the completed questionnaire back to:


1712 ANGLE ST.


Please make checks payable to Jim Hatten. 

These questions weren't meant to discourage or intimidate anyone. It simply lets us all

determine your readiness for a new member to your family at this time.

I now feel more able to place the right puppy in your family.

Remember, all pets come with a limited registration, as well as a spay/neuter agreement.

I am looking forward to talking to you soon, about adding that new member to your family.



We are out to EARN a good reputation


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All rights reserved


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