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Giants have a coat that lets them withstand all types of weather, a soft under coat, and a harsher outer coat.  However Giants are a people dog and deserve to be in with their people.  They are non-shedding and hypoallergenic, so they are great to live with plus people with allergies can usually tolerate them.  You will find some hair that collects in corners as it dies and breaks off much like our hair.  They do not go through shedding periods like most other breeds.


There are two types of coat, from hard sometimes referred to as German or European, to soft typically referred to as American or soft coat, with every variation in between.  We breed for an in between, we think the soft coat is prettier, but the hard coat is much easier to care for.  The hard coat has sparse leg furnishings and a much harsher texture to the feel.  The soft coat is soft, fluffy and has profuse hair on the legs.  The soft coat requires much more care and grooming than the hard coat, but which ever coat you have should be groomed between 4-8 times a year depending how picky you are about their grooming, with daily to weekly brushings. We breed for an in between coat, it will have the leg furnishings to be pretty, but lack the profuse coat that will be so much work


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