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Well, the gorgeous little lady that arrived Wednesday night is a real sweetheart. She has a beautiful face. In just four days, she and Jed have become extremely close. Jed has shown absolutely no signs of jealously or possessiveness of either us or objects. They play extremely well together and although it occasionally gets rough, Chelsea holds her own. She may even be more of the instigator in the rough-housing area than Jed is. However, neither has acted aggressively toward the other. My wife and I have both commented that we cannot imagine an easier or better integration of a new dog into a family where there is an existing dog. In her other behaviors, she seems to be tracking the same path that Jed has been on.

She had her first vet's appointment on Friday and it went very well (I have assumed that she was in the same status as Jed was relative to her shots, etc). She goes back to the vet this Friday for her next vaccination and we hope to get her into the clinic where we had Jed's ears re-taped to have them re-tape Chelsea's later this week. However, that clinic is a 24/7 operation and is also the local emergency animal facility, so it is always very busy.

We were extremely attached to our other two giants, Jessie and Jake, and it was hard to imagine that we could ever find dogs to replace the two of them. While Jed and Chelsea have not diminished our memories and love of Jessie and Jake, they have certainly found a place in our hearts and lives equal to Jessie and Jake. 

Up until the past year or so, I was not aware of what a profound difference the breeder of a dog could make. Jessie and Jake came from what has been described to me as a "puppy mill." While our efforts at raising them resulted in two awesome pets, the differences that we have noticed between Jessie and Jake, on the one hand, and our two giants from Hatten's, is not only noticeable, it is profound. I believe Hatten's Kennel represents the gold standard of dog breeders to which all other breeder's should aspire.

Thank you again for adding so much joy to our lives.



This puppy (by the way, his name is Jedediah...Jed, for short) is the most incredible puppy we've had. He is absolutely handsome and has an incredible personality. He has made himself at home, he immediately gathered up the two toys we put out for him, took over his bed and is already engaged in a few games of "fetch" with one of his toys. His tail hasn't stopped wagging since we got home. We took him out of the kennel and he sat in my wife's lap the entire way home. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best possible pet one could get, Jed appears to be an 11! Thank you and Kim so much. He is a beautiful dog but more importantly, you have done a masterful job of socializing him.

Kent from California 



Jim and Kim,

      Hi, it's Katrina, Truman's mom. 
As we all sit down to a beautiful dinner today and contemplate our many blessings from this past year I just wanted you to know that I will be including you two as part of mine.  Truman has been such a joy these past 5 months for us.  He is my love!  A true joy in our home EVERY single day!  
He is between 65 and 70 pounds now and so incredibly handsome!  Personality deluxe.  Spoiled, rotten, smart and very loved.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for sharing your boy with us.  You all are one of our biggest blessings this year. 

We send  Happy Thanksgiving greetings and wishes for another blessed year for all.
     Katrina, Joe, Justin, Arielle and Truman
Dear Mom and Dad,
Merry Christmas!  It's Truman (Hatten) Herron.  I am sending you this note to let you know how things have been going since I moved to Georgia.  It has been 6 months now.

My new mom,dad, brother and sister are really great.  They love me so very much.  I have a nice yard to play in and a toy basket that is over flowing.    I have a Nana and a Papa too, they live just a walk away.  There is another full toy basket there as well.  There are lots of cool kids in and out of the house to play with and they all really like me too.  Everywhere we go people are always making a fuss about how handsome I am and how well behaved.  The vets office is a favorite of mine, all the girls there go crazy over me and I get treats, lots of treats.  The vet told mom to bring me in once a month so they can weigh me but she says it's because they just want to see me.  

I can do several tricks now like sit, lay, shake, fetch stay.....I also like to carry things into the house like the paper, mail and small things from the store.  I love to ride in the truck, go for walks, go to the park, take baths and snuggle.  Mom says I am the best snuggler in the world!!  I am known around here as the 73 pound lap dog.  I love to eat anything I can con out of my people.  I especially like banana's, apples, grapes, peanut butter and carrots.  I don't get a lot of it though because I seem to be a rather gassy dog!  I steal dirty laundry anytime I can, it's so fun and it makes mom chase after me! 

Santa brought me bunches of toys and 3 new (bigger, because I am growing bigger everyday it seems) collars.  My Papa bought me my own stocking for Santa.  I only chewed one package before Christmas and mom said it was because my sister didn't watch me like she was supposed to.  I didn't ruin it just the paper.  I liked Christmas very much.

My family says I am the best dog in the world!  Our favorite bumper sticker would say Giant Schnauzers Rule!  My family says Giants are everything good you ever hear about them and more!  I will be 9 months old on the 28th and have been here for exactly 6 months today. 

I want to thank you from the bottom of my big, loving, Giant of a heart for loving me enough to send me to my new family.  You gave me a wonderful start and then loved me enough to share me.  Your loving care has brightened the lives of my family and brought much joy to their home.  I want you to know I am loved and cared for more then one Giant can even imagine!  I am happy and healthy and DAMN handsome to boot!  : )   Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for being such great parents too.  I will always love you both and will never forget that you are my mom and dad too.

I will close for now and promise to send an update(and pictures soon, mom and dad got a new camera from Santa)  on my growth as time goes on.  I send love and wishes to you both and my other human brothers for a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.

                 With Love and Giant Regards,  Tru Blu        


I am the type of person who when I am about to purchase something, I spend a lot of time on research.  I check every source available, and interviewing people.  Looking for a puppy is no different, in fact even more important than purchasing a car or house.  A dog is a living animal, and will become an important part of my life.  I did exactly that, and ended up being referred to your kennel.  Then I took it a step further, and talked to a couple that who has had one of your giants for a year.  These people were so complimentary to you and especially your breeding results, that I asked them if they were related to you.  No, they are not.  Just one of the happy, and satisfied owners of one of your dogs.  You can add me to the long list of these people.

Have had our new puppy for a week, the first few days were a transition period of getting used to each other.  It was not very long that I began making a comparison of all the dogs I have owned in my lifetime.  Having been an owner, and trainer of labs for field trials, I have come to the conclusion that I have never owned a dog that possess all the traits our puppy has.  I have had three dogs that individually possessed a few of them, but not all of them.  The love, devotion, intelligence, obedience, and desire to please are unbelievable.  To have all of them in one four month old dog is exceptional.  Like you say, “Socializing Begins at Birth” is very true. 

Thank you for allowing me to become the owner of a Hatten’s Giant Schnauzer puppy.  You have a Great Reputation.  Not only with the bloodlines that you have developed, but with the extra mile you take in giving help, assistance, and advice to people.


I saw your website (you didn’t have one when I got a dog from you), and wanted to thank you for one of the best dogs I have ever known.  Back in 1982, you lived in Tampico at the time, I purchase what you said was the last puppy from a litter of 4 (you said they usually had 8).  I picked a little girl, who I named Kadrya Royale, and call her Kadi.  She is the most wonderful dog!!  Everyone that meets her thinks she is the most wonderful dog!!  She was great with children, and other dogs in general, and so intelligent, and easy to teach.  She was a joy to live with.

She did develop Cardiomyopathy when she was 12 years, and 3 months old.  But she lived a good life for another 3 years.  I loved her very much for the 15 plus years we had her.

I wanted to tell you for a long time, how wonderful one of your puppies was, and how grateful I am to have had the chance to have her in my life.  If your present dogs are anywhere as wonderful as Kadi was, I’m sure you are still producing some really great dogs.  Thanks again.


Hi I just discovered your website, it is great and very informative.  I found it because you suggested a woman in Ohio, that is looking for a Giant contact me as a reference, and of course I told her you have the best!!!!!! Giants.  She told me that she found out about you on the Internet, so I had to check it.  It is funny I don’t think you and I ever discussed diet (but I may have forgotten), but when I read your recommended diet, I follow it very closely, but also add kelp to it.  I must praise you and talk to you in my head a 100 times a day about how wonderful Kookla is.  She is such a joy, and is incredibly smart.  I mean Giants are smart, but she is very very smart.  Everyday is a joy to be with her.  We go everywhere together, and she is loving agility classes.  I can never thank you enough for being the type of breeder that you are.  After I talked to the Ohio woman, she was very excited, and said you have a bitch bursting with puppies, and hopefully she would have enough so she could get one.  I told her even if she is anxious to have a giant now; it is more than worth the wait to get one from you.  The difference between your pups and others is night and day, with regard to temperament!!!  Which is critical in my opinion for these dogs, plus yours are gorgeous.  Which I know since I have had several other Giants.  The woman that called last night said you would not even let them consider a puppy, until they had called references.  I am amazed every time I learn something more about you as a breeder, I am more impressed.  Your quality cannot be compared, it is tops. Thanks again Peggi, and Kookla


Peggi again:  
If when I had first contacted you about Giants, you had mentioned the attributes of show or protection dogs prior to quality and temperament.  I never would have continued the conversation, and had gone through with getting Kookla.  However you breed just the way I love dogs to be, and boy do I have Miss Rosey Sunshine—it will be grand to have two.  Bottom line for me is temperament, and you get an “A” plusssssss. Two for two!!  Pono is so full of life, just like Kookla.  I think the trip wore on him more than it did Kookla, but now that he has discovered he’s “home”, he is a gem.  Marvin Sunshine is now here, to join Rosey Sunshine.  I don’t know what magic you have, but it is divine for personality, spunk, life, and spirit.  It gives me such joy!!  I can never thank you enough for the pleasures of these two dogs.    


Carolyn (as Rex, the new puppy):  
I miss you guys already, but boy my new owner is so much fun.  After you left, he fed me, and then I chased their other two puppies around.  I caught one of them by the tail, and it was fun, cuz he dragged me about five feet.  I didn’t want to let go, but my owner’s mommy said I had to!!!  Then I went outside a couple of times, but it was soooooo cold on Christmas morning, and much easier to wet on the floor.  They didn’t mind cuz they said their other puppies did that too.  Thirty minutes after you left my owners mommy said I had to take a nap, she put me in my crate (it’s big, and blue, with room for my toys), they have another one for me when I fly to Florida to my “real home”.  I can’t wait to get there; my owner told me it’s really warm.  Well I have to get some sleep, and rest up, so I can chase the other guys again!!!!   I think they like it when I chase them.

I’ll send you a photo soon!!!  Thank you again, you guys are the greatest, and please give kisses to my brothers, and sisters.

Paw kiss Rex


Rex had a wonderful first day!!!  He ate well (almost ¾ of a cup), and went wet outside two times.  He is following Yannick around, which is exactly what I wanted.  Yannick is soooooo happy, he has told me so many times that he loves his puppy so much!!!  Rex did spend most of the day sleeping, when he did come out of his cage, he played for about thirty minutes, then went back to sleep…. so far both boys (Yannick, and Rex) have been sleeping for about three hours, without a whimper from either.

He is doing wonderful, only wakes once in the night to let me know he needs to go outside!!!  My son absolutely adores him, and the family members have grown very fond of him as well.  He is very patient with Yannick.  Thank you again for a wonderful Christmas present.


Chad & Sara:  
Hello, hope you had a wonderful holiday season! Sara and I did!  Kali is such a great dog; she has really grown into a wonderful young companion.  She has a great temperament, and loves to follow Sara and I wherever we go.  We placed her in an obedience-training course, and she will be taking her final test this Sunday.  She has always done great during her lessons, and will easily pass her test.  We then plan to enroll her in the next course for further training.  She has grown like a weed, Kali, is about 22” tall, and weighs about 53 lbs.  Her and molly our mini, seem to get along pretty good; I think Molly liked it better when she had us to herself.  I just wanted to thank you again for such a great puppy.  Sara and I really appreciate your commitment to breeding such fine dogs.


Just thought I would touch base with you.  Lance just finished teething about 3 weeks ago, and his ears are standing nicely.  He is turning out to be a very handsome dog.  He is now just 6 months old, and is about 64 lbs.  He is starting to be quite the watch dog, but people don’t get too scared when they see he is barking with a toy in his mouth, and his butt is wiggling all over.

The McMillens:

Bentley is doing great in his new home. We brought him up to the lake this weekend to meet the rest of the family. He is doing great with the other dogs. My daughter has a Yorkie and my daughter in law has a chihuahua. Bentley is so gentle with the other dogs. He is really a doll. The trip back to Fort Wayne went really well. He slept most of the way and we stopped periodically to take a potty break. He got a little antsy towards the end of the trip but didn't seem upset at all. His first night at the house he slept so well in his new crate. I had to wake him up in the morning at 6:30 to let him out. He is such a little lover when he wakes up in the morning. I've never seen such a mello little puppy. . We have just been amazed at his gentle temperment. He is really an awesome dog. We are absolutely thrilled with him. You can tell that he's been around people a lot. He is really great around little children too. We had company stop by last night with a 2 year old little girl. Bentley just loved her. Thanks so much for such a wonderful little dog. We are so happy and thrilled to have him. He went to the vet Friday morning and the vet said he looks great. I wasn't surprised. He's been eating really well. He loves a little yogurt in his food. I started him on all his supplements too. Hope all is going well. I'll be in touch. Thanks again Jim,

We are out to EARN a good reputation


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